My name is Alun Davies and I am a web designer.

 Creating something awesome and beautiful from a pile of essential components is what makes me tick.

Formal Education

With a degree in Computer Science I understand more than just the pretty side of websites and have a more holistic view of your project than those who are simply designers.

Life Experience

To do my job properly I have to understand your business, your clients and the world you operate in. That needs life experience that can’t be learnt from a book and I have it.

People Skills

I spent 6 years in the French Alpes teaching people from every walk of life to ski; I may be a geek but I’m a rare breed that can communicate on your terms.

Natural Creativity

I love having projects to get my teeth into. It could be a website for a new industry or a strawberry wall for my kids, it doesn’t matter, so long as I’m making something, I’m happy!


Where did I come from?

 Alun Davies

I spent time using my degree in the corporate world, fixing computers, maintaining networks & supporting software; I found it frustrating to only every be repairing and never creating. Also, I was constantly under pressure to make more profit for the company; that was goal number one.

In 2011 I quit my job and started on my own so I could create rather than repair and be more concerned about the product than the bottom line; I’ve never looked back.


 I don’t clock watch on my projects; happy customers and the right solution is more important to me than the bottom line. I prefer to give you a price for the project at the start so I can be free to explore my ideas without worrying about the extra time costing you money.


 I love what I do and according to my clients, that comes across in my work

 I work with you, from start to finish, to make sure you are completely happy with your solution