Acton Automotive

Small Business / Workshop

Acton Automotive had been building their website for nearly 2 years but were having to do much of the design work themselves as their developer had given them a blank canvas to do with as they pleased. It’s my experience that this doesn’t help as you need experience to know what is and isn’t possible.

simplicITy Web Design was initially only brought in to design the header banner but even this seemed like a fruitless effort as there was so little frame work to the site; I didn’t feel it was fair to charge to design a banner that may or may not fit the end product.

I took over the entire job and using a WordPress theme designed for the automotive industry, this is what I came up with. The core theme was missing a lot of the power in other higher end themes but thanks to the extensive WordPress plugin library, I was able to overcome all hurdles.

Acton Automotive is my favourite site to date and personally, I just love that smoke effect!

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