Jules Business Services

Corporate / Small Business

Jules has been operating her book keeping business for 12 years, has a large client base and is well regarded in her field.  Marketing has never been a high priority as word of mouth has worked so well for her but, like so many businesses, she knew she needed to get a good website up and running and make sure her online identity matched her personal one.

Jules’ Mandate: “Make it fun, but professional”

Its not unusual for a business to feel this way but not do anything about it, simply because they don’t know where to start and don’t have the time to learn.  Jules tried to get a website together a few years back but a lack of drive on the project left her with a very basic end product that did not portray her expertise at all.

Having worked closely with Jules for a long time, I was keen to help strengthen this side of her business.  Jules’s mandate for the site; it had to be “Professional but fun”.  A quick look at her competition and you can see why; they were all filled with images of calculators, piles of paper and bored people sat at desks. Then there was the content, long lists of complicated services and products which even someone actively looking for a book keeper would find tedious to read.

So I took it from an entirely different angle and made sure to keep things ‘professional but fun’.  The result is one of my favourite sites to date.

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